Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that its taken me nearly 5 months to get going with writing about my time at nubeginnings http:/

Gosh and that was back in July!

nubeginnings was one of the best experiences of my life so far. My trip here came at a time when I was physically beat up!!! My psoriasis had flared the worst ever, and I was so so tired, I felt like dying….yes really!!! My body just wasn’t coping at all. I had no energy to do anything. Even sleep wasn’t an option because my skin was so bad.

So lets go back about 6 weeks, and I had decided that I wanted to concentrate on my physical. I had been on a huge spiritual journey, having incredible experiences, and meeting lovely people, yet I felt like I needed to get a bit more grounded, and start to look after my Souls home, my body.

But I didn’t want to become obsessed!! Honestly the amount of people I see, who, when they decide to lose weight/get fit, became completely obsessed, to the point where they actually lose themselves. Its like the light goes from within them, and all their whole life is this obsession with fitness, and food!! Life just isn’t fun anymore. And some just look so ill, and are making themselves ill, with this fear of fatness!!! It is just pure punishment!! I wonder how many of them where shiite muslims in a previous life, whipping themselves with blades until they bled!! Then there are those who have a really healthy relationship with food, and fitness, and truly love life. Yes I wanted to be one of those

But how? Where was I going to get the motivation?

I had approached nubeginnings about a discounted rate, and they basically told me that they never did that because they are always in demand. Fudge! It was way out of my budget. Yet, and I believe that things alway manifest when we are truly ready, I got a phone call from them. They had a huge group cancellation, so did I want to go for a significantly reduced rate?…ahhhhhhhhhh hell yeah!!!!

Yet my fear tried to get my to cancel at the last minute, but luckily they wouldn’t have it! I was so scared travelling on the train to Devon , I hadn’t work out in ages, I was so tired, in so much pain, and so had I wasted my money?

I cried all the way on the train!!!

I was heading to Ilfracombe, home of Damian Hurst statue….love it or hate it….I really liked it!

We were picked up at the station by Dave. There were 4 of us in the car, and immediately I felt at ease. At the Mansion, we were introduced to Jenny, and the team, who were so lovely. This was going to be ok. On arrival, after a short introduction, I was weighed, and measured, and BP taken, which was very high…no surprise there!! And the week had began. There were talks, and  long stunning walks, fitness, massages, relaxing, dancing and great food, and lots of laughs. I had a challenging week, yet one of the most precious weeks of my life. I was made to feel so special, and so cherished. It was a fitness camp yes, yet the two PT’s were so lovely. None of this sergeant major shouting, just gentle yet forceful encouragement that didn’t make you feel like a huge useless lump!! And the food, 1400 calories a day, was so tasty. All based on Paul Holfords Low GL diet, which basically keeps your blood sugar level balanced. I learnt so much about what to eat, and when. I never ever felt hungry. The walks where challenging but it was summer, one of the hottest weeks of last year, yet we were in Devon, and the views were stunning. I could not fault a thing!

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And I lost 10lbs in one week, and yes I cried again, and so did Jenny!!!

And I have not put it back on!

Yes coming home was another challenge, and keeping up with the health way of living was hard, hence the reason for starting this blog.

I am on a journey, and i want you to follow me.

All I know is that I deserve to eat good food. I will be posting recipes, and tips. I have no idea where I am going, but I am surely, and joyously, going to enjoy the journey

Love and Peace Out