Ban-Ice Cream

Oh My oh my, I promise you, you will not eat dairy ladened ice cream again!!. I have been freezing bananas for ages. I love putting them on my hot porridge in the mornings. Recently I have been seeing loads of recipes for banana ice cream. And I am hooked. It tastes so much better than ice cream and is so easy to make. And of course low fat

Freeze bananas, as much as you want. Then take out of the freezer, and blitz. You can eat it like that but I divided mine in 2. Added black currents ( so high in anti oxydents, more than blueberries!!) and raspberries to one, and coconut to the other. You can add raw cacao, pineapple, whatever you wish. Have fun and experiment. Then put into plastic containers, place back in the freezer, and consume as and when. 

Enjoy and thank you for visiting

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